living legacy |dame Zaha Hadid

Impact is the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another. It can be mental or physical, positive or negative and will always have a reaction to the action.

 Artists impact us in countless ways whether it be through film, art, photography, music, architecture, etc. Some of us perceive architecture at face value and nothing more than an enclosure to seek shelter in but I believe as the late Zaha Hadid stated, "architecture is not just a shelter or a simple enclosure. It should be something that excites you, calms you, makes you think.”

 While transforming urban fabrics and pushing boundaries of the building form with her own voice Hadid was criticized for her headstrong behavior and uncensored self-expression through concrete form. As a designer I strive to do just that; to impact the subconscious through expression that moves from my mind to the physical world in concrete form hopefully leaving behind an echo that will influence the way future generations feel and interact within it.

 Zaha lives on through her exemplary work and extraordinary creations that continue to impact people’s experiences and as an example of an unwavering creative mind with a unique voice that will speak to the masses.

 -Malek Alqadi