Jardinette Revival

We have recently started work on bringing new life to a nearly forgotten LA gem: The Jardinette Apartments. Built in 1928, it was the Richard Neutra’s first US commission, and his first mark of modernism and International Style in America. Utilizing a reinforced concrete shell as its primary structural element, it was truly a foreign and unique object among the wood-framed construction which stamped the LA landscape. The apartments were designed for the urban dweller, focusing on efficient use of space and storage, taking advantage of every square inch. The large steel windows were designed to provide ample daylight, and look out to the central garden, after which the “Jardinette” was named.

Through the years, the building has become dilapidated, but while some of the original features were stripped away or replaced, there are still many cases of original details that make this building unique. Due to the fascinating history behind the structure, it was designated as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1988.  Partnering up with Clippinger Investments, Barbara Lamprecht, and Nous Engineering, we are working to restore this structure for a new generation of modern urban dwellers. Stay tuned for updates.